Vector Patrol Shields – Life Saving Compact Shields


NIJ LEVEL 3 Certified

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Tac Life Systems LLC proudly introduces Vector Shields to our product portfolio.  Vector shields offer a level of protection never before seen or experienced in law enforcement, at a fraction of the cost of traditional shields.  They are light weight (7Lbs), strap directly the the Officer’s non shooting forearm / hand and can withstand impact from any pistol round, or high powered riffle.

Vector shields come in Various styles:

Standard Ballistic Patrol Shield


Ballistic Patrol Shield with vertical assist


The Vector Shield is a Close Protection, light weight ballistic shield designed by a United States Army Green Beret. It is a defensive de-escalation NIJ level 3 tool and defends against all multi-hit hand gun and rifle fire to include 7.62 and 5.56 (Green Tips) at close range. It also defeats knife attacks, explosive blasts and projectile impacts to the upper body.

Vector Shields will defeat machete attacks, needle sticks, physical assaults and dog bites. It can perform blast mitigation and defeat bat, brick and other projectiles keeping both law enforcement and civilians safe. Vector Shields are defensive shields protecting our Law Enforcement while they serve and protect. 

Our shields maintain safety for officers and the public within the 21 foot critical distance. If an officer knows that his or her hydraulics are protected from a fatal shot, he or she can respond to a threat in a more calm manner than if they are fearing for their life. In this way, officers being protected also protects civilians and de-escalates dangerous situations.

The Vector Shield is an arm secured shield that provides ballistic protection to the upper body, face and neck and adds a step to the Use of Force Continuum paradigm.  It provides a protective barrier between police officers and the public in confrontational situations. It actually de-escalates a situation instead of increasing the chance of injury or death to an officer or civilian. It is the only de-escalation tool available to police today.


Ballistic Protection That Is Second To None

The shield is capable of taking multiple hits without loss of integrity while providing maximum protection against shots to the head, chest, neck and face. This light weight, low profile de-escalation shield was designed for officers to assist on every day and also high risk calls and traffic stops.


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